Top things to do in Crete: Axos village

Hand-woven textiles in Crete

Discover authentic Crete in a small village!!

Axos village is in the area of Milopotamos, at an altitude of approximately 500m, on the northern slopes of Psiloritis Mountain and 46km from Rethymno. In antiquity, there existed one of the most important cities of ancient Crete called 'Oaxos' near Axos. You can still see the ruins of temples, tombs and fortresses.

Today, Axos offers a unique opportunity for those who want to discover the authentic Crete through the agro tourism. If you are in the area of Rethymno it’s really worth a visit! Walk through the small village and marvel the picturesque alleys, the blooming yards and the breathtaking views! You actually might see some bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) flying around!

Drink water from the water springs at the square of the village and enjoy a coffee, or even better a glass of ice-cold raki, at one of the traditional cafes (kafeneion). Do not hesitate to benefit of all the traditional products of the Cretan land offered at the shops: honey, olive oil, wine & raki, herbs and home-made cookies!

At the entrance of the village you should definitely make a stop at the Wooden Museum (entrance fee: 5€) and admire the amazing artworks of Mr. George, who is inspired by the tradition, the history and the mythology of our country and our island!

After walking for 10-15’ in the village another pleasant surprise awaits you! Lovely shops where you will be able to see and learn about one of the most ancient arts: the weaving! Lovely ladies will be more than welcoming and willing to show you how they create hand-woven textile using a traditional loom. Take your time in the shops and be amazed by the details and the beauty of the hand-made textiles!

Axos is a place that you will love, just like we did!

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