Bungy jumping in Crete: Aradaina Gorge

Aradaina bungy Crete

The gorge of Aradaina is one of the most interesting and impressive gorges of the Municipality of Sfakis and the whole of Crete. It is smaller than that of Samaria, but equally impressive with high vertical slopes, lush vegetation and wildlife.

In order to reach it from Chora Sfakion, you will need to walk the carriageway up to the mountain village of Anopoli (12 km, at an altitude of 600 m), built on the southern side of the foot of the White Mountains. You then walk another 3.5 km to reach the village of Aradena (at an altitude of 520 m), built on the brink of the gorge and deserted after a vendetta.

Thirty years ago the only way to go to the other side of the gorge was to walk down a steep cobbled path and then climb up again. That is the path that you should take if you want to walk the gorge. In 1985 a rich family of the area built the Bridge of Aradena which joined the two sides of the gorge at an altitude of 138m. This bridge is not only to serve the habitats of the mountainous areas of Sfakia but also to test the limits of their endurance the ones who attempt to do bungee jumping.

The deepest point of the gorge is at 160 m. and the most worth mentioning thing about it is that the scenery changes every fifteen minutes ˙ from rocky to green, from wild to tranquil. It is quite shady in most of its parts and, therefore, suitable for walking during the summer too!

The ones who will choose to do the gorge of Aradena might get a little tired but it definitely worth it. After 7 km and 3 hours walking, your labors will be rewarded as at the output if the gorge is formed the Marmara beach. It’s a small, beautiful, secluded beach with pebbles ideal for rest and relaxation. And of course, as in Crete anywhere you go you will find a place to eat, there is a small canteen where the food is definitely not going to disappoint you!!!

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